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About us

"A simple to use system with a big personality."
The Health Foundation: 

Who we are and what we do

The "simple.uk.net" Community of Practice is a collaboration of NHS organisations led by the independent not-for-profit Simple Shared Healthcare (SSHC) Social Enterprise and Phil O’Connell, creator of Simple Telehealth.  

Simple Shared Healthcare and Phil O’Connell (prior NHS Innovator of the Year & NHS Inspirational Leader of the Year) have combined resources to drive forward the patient centric self care agenda.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, operating with an NHS Simple Telehealth license, SSHC partners with member organisations providing education, coaching and support to increase members capabilities to innovate with Simple Telehealth & related technologies including 'Florence' (UK & Ireland),  'Annie' (USA) and 'Nellie' (Australia) for the benefit of the patients and users they serve.

SSHC is dedicated to improving the ability of individuals to engage better in their own health, social care or education, and being a Social Enterprise, any trading surplus (profit) is re-cycled back into the health and social care community to drive innovation and dissemination of best practice. 

We are working towards becoming certified with the Social Enterprise Mark, which is the only independent proof that a business is not only good for it's customers but good for society too.  This differentiates our business as a genuine social enterprise from private sector companies through the robust, independent assessment process.

Unlike a private business, we exist to create social value.  We  re-invest our "profits" for social purpose and are independently assessed against the highest standards of governance, business ethics and transparency.

Techniques and tools

We promote the use of closed loop messaging personas with safe, proven, familiar techniques and methods to help patients to engage with, and adhere better to, shared clinical management plans between clinician contacts.

Once a shared clinical management plan is configured, the simple and intuitive technology, operates automatically  connecting patients to the friendly persona (Florence or Annie) using mobile phone, apps, landline or even Bluetooth devices.  

Healthcare providers are securely connected via their desktop or mobile web browser.  

Use of NHS intellectual property

The 'Simple Telehealth' concept, methodology and technology patent were created by Phil O'Connell who assigned them into 100% NHS ownership in 2010.  Phil also designed the foundation concepts and processes used to bring 'Florence' and 'Annie' to life as we now know them.

On behalf of the NHS, NHS Stoke-on-Trent CCG now has 'stewardship' of the intellectual property Phil originally assigned to Stoke-on-Trent PCT in 2010.

In the UK, Mediaburst Limited are the only licensed  Simple Telehealth technology provider and SSHC operates under the only Simple Telehealth licence granted with Global aspirations to focus on the further development and dissemination of the concept and methodology across UK and international communities.

How we are funded

The majority of our funding is sourced from partnerships with NHS organisations, memberships and consultancy fees.


We're proud to be based in Stoke-on-Trent.

Our registered office  is;
 Unit 14 Sugnall Business Centre, Sugnall, 
Stafford ST21 6NF