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Membership is open to NHS, Gov & VHA professionals in participating organisations to implement and innovate with Simple Telehealth, Florence or Annie.

Inside the members section we share NHS knowhow and IP and host international, national and regional collaboration including;

  • News and blogs with more detail
  • Downloadable resources
  • Business cases
  • Case studies
  • Clinical guides
  • Operating guides
  • Education and promotion material
  • Graphics and images
  • Training guides
  • In depth FAQ's
  • Innovation and collaboration to develop and share applications and knowhow.
Plus as a member you'll be able to view and download  all of the Case Study, Blog and News attachments.

Membership Support Service

Member organisations receive support, training and networking assistance with the intent of increasing their Simple Telehealth capability maturity, decreasing dependency on SSHC and to achieve a local share of the initiatives widely acclaimed success.  It is a key objective of SSHC to assist members to innovate, to increase capability maturity and to showcase and share their own case-studies and evaluation within the Simple Telehealth community and to wider audiences.

The service is provided in the main, remotely using digital tools & techniques.  A flexible allowance of two days (inclusive of travel) for on-site assistance/visits per annum is included for each member annually and this is best used for engagement, training or supporting members events throughout the year.

Corporate Membership Support Service

Non-provider Organisations who are unrelated to SSHC but who also supply services to simple.uk.net members and are, or would like to provide Simple Telehealth related services to our mutual members may also join the Simple Telehealth Community as non-voting members. SSHC will support Corporate Members to provide Membership Support Services to our mutual members.

For more information contact lisa.taylor@simple.uk.net