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3 September 2019 Home and Mobile Health Monitoring Towards Scaling Up Home and Mobile Health Monitoring in Lanarkshire 
27 September 2018 The Health Foundation Reducing emergency admissions: unlocking the potential of people to better manage their long-term conditions 
28 February 2018 British Journal of General Practice; Br J Gen Pract 2018; 68 (668): 108-109. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3399/bjgp18X694877 Making technology-enabled health care work in general practice 
21 December 2017 NHS England  Challenging Health Inequality 
24 November 2016 Nuffield Trust The digital patient: transforming primary care?  
21 October 2016 Scottish Government National Action Plan for Technology Enabled Care, "Supporting & Empowering Scotland's Citizens" 
19 October 2016 House of Lords Long Term Sustainability of the NHS 
18 August 2016 Care Quality Commission CQC cite Flo as 'Outstanding' in General Practice 
27 June 2016 Dr Ruth Chambers OBE, Marc Schmid, Jayne Birch-Jones Digital Healthcare: The essential guide 
7 December 2015 Scottish Government NHS Scotland Annual Report 14/15 (GRAHAM) 
23 October 2015 The Health Foundation The Power of People 
17 September 2015 Care Quality Commission CQC award 'Outstanding' rating for General Practice and Flo 
5 March 2015 Dr Phil Hammond Staying Alive - How to Get the Best from the NHS 
20 January 2015 Care Quality Commission Outstanding Practice - Florence in Maternity Services 
20 November 2014 NHS England-News Realising the greatest asset the NHS has – Dr Martin McShane 
1 April 2014 theguardian - Richard Vize Why technology is no longer a barrier in the NHS 
16 December 2013 theguardian - Dick Vinegar (Patient from Hell) Telehealth: small scale initiatives can reduce costs and help patients 
29 November 2012 HSJ Telehealth + PHILIPS - Claire Read (Page 3) Long-Term Thinking (supportive partnerships is crucial) 
Showing 18 items