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Astonished clinician's poem captures feelings about her friend, Flo

posted 10 Feb 2017, 10:39 by Philip O'Connell   [ updated 16 Oct 2017, 05:17 by Hollie Stirman ]
   Lisa Taylor

   10 February 2017

Clinicians often tell us that after being disappointed with technology initiatives, at first they take a cautious approach with Flo, but Flo soon captures their hearts and minds. 

Seeing is believing and when the evidence of her impact on patient engagement is seen over and over again, delivering  positive changes in motivation and ability to self-care, apprehension gives way to confidence. 

We are always delighted to hear these real world stories backed by genuine evidence from clinical practice and they are told with such passion.   We really can't help but be emotionally moved by them. 

However Jill Hyden, ILCT Team Leader at Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust went just one step further, documenting what it meant to go on a Flo journey.  So with Jill's kind permission, reproduced across the page is her team’s story about  ‘our friend Flo’. 


Jill’s team in Great Wyrley implemented Flo as part of their diabetic pathway and saw their patients renew their confidence in their diabetes management whilst releasing an average of 90mins of nursing time each day for one particular patient. 


The NHS is a magnificent beast
It has a duty to care, at the very least
Demand is high, finances low
We have to look, where new seeds we can sew

Now we’re a team who embrace new ideas
Despite all our IT fears
To provide great care yet promote independence
Any good ideas we’ll take in abundance 

A new system called Flo had been introduced
So nursing time could be reduced
Give patients confidence to manage their condition
Without it being a nursing omission

We had a patient who just needed support
To administer her insulin, she’d already been taught
2 visits a day was what was required
Until this new system we acquired

A bit of persuasion, decision is made
Our nursing care will get an upgrade
Patient’s permission granted, to share information
No turning back now, we're in for the duration

Unsure, but we’d give it a go
But who was this lady called Flo
Technology – we were a bit apprehensive
At this alternative way of care to give

Late Friday afternoon, friendly voice in my ear
Instructions given were really clear
Don’t give up we're nearly there
Mission accomplished, I was astonished to be fair!

A simple text was all it took
Our visits reduced, we were off the hook
Blood sugars monitored, insulin taken
A new era of confidence was awaken

Independence gained, a new lease of life
No longer tethered together, like husband and wife
Freedom for the patient, time gained for the team
Worked like magic, just like a dream

Providing quality care which is cost effective
Is the type of care we all aspire to give
Despite the challenges we had to try
Sink, swim, or we might even fly

So if you’re thinking about trying Flo
Go ahead and give it a go
Mighty oak trees from little acorns grow
So spread the news about our friend Flo

 Jill Hyden