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Dr. Martin McShane Reflects on the Future of Care for Patients with Long Term Conditions

posted 23 Jul 2015, 07:46 by Karen O'Connell   [ updated 16 Oct 2017, 05:29 by Hollie Stirman ]

A short video from NHS England (Jan, 2015) where Dr. Martin McShane, NHS England's Director for long term conditions answers questions such as how NHS England is supporting commissioners to improve outcomes for patients and how technology can address the challenges facing the NHS today and highlights Flo.

Dr. McShane refers to his experiences of listening to patients who have experienced technology to support and empower their care, and highlights Flo as an example of technology transforming the experience of care and the ability for patients to self manage.

Video: Dr Martin McShane - The future of care for patients with long term conditions

Lisa Taylor, February 2015