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  • Podiatry team prevent deterioration and exacerbations with Flo Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Debra Drury Clinical Specialist Podiatrist 19 May 2017 (E029) Flo helps diabetic patients care for their feet Flo has been supporting patients with diabetes to care for their feet in-between routine clinic visits in Oldham, using her friendly persona to motivate patients to undertake daily foot checks and subsequently providing patients with the capability to identify if, and when, their feet need to be seen by the Specialist Team. Debra Drury, a Clinical Specialist Podiatrist at Oldham Podiatry Department recently took some time to tell us how Flo is being used to help their patients with diabetes care for their feet. "We had heard about Flo through Michelle Flint, who is leading the project ...
    Posted 19 May 2017, 08:33 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Significant reduction in clinical contacts as Patient's Mental Health is stabilised with Flo. South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust  Helen Thompson Safe Care Lead 15 May 2017 Patient's mental health is transformed after Flo's help to improve medication adherence  Helen Thompson, Safe Care Lead and Jan Gorman, Health Care Support Worker from the Learning Disabilities Service at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust discusses how intervening with Flo has regained the independence of one of their patients with mild learning difficulties, resulting in their mental health stabilising and removing the need for continuing home visits from their team and the number of Consultant Psychiatrist appointments required. “Fred” was an individual with mild Learning Disabilities who had also experienced a decline in his mental health.  Due to this decline, Fred was on the active ...
    Posted 15 May 2017, 14:21 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Intermittent Claudication with Flo motivates patients and increases clinic capacity Mairi Ross Vascular Physiotherapist 10 May 2017 (SCO NHS NHI) Patients feel less isolated and more motivated to improve Intermittent Claudication with Flo's helpIntermittent Claudication (IC) is a symptom of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) where pain is experienced in the main muscle groups of the leg when exercising and walking.  Patients with IC need to push further into their leg pain when exercising and walking to gain any benefit from physiotherapy – this develops the collateral circulation allowing the blood to follow a natural bypass to the affected muscles and therefore reducing the pain felt thus increasing the pain free walking distance. NHS Highland (NHSH) is the largest Health Board in Scotland covering 32 500km2 serving a population of ...
    Posted 10 May 2017, 10:03 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Early pulmonary rehabilitation - Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust increase adherence and safety for patients  Cath O'Connor Clinical Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist Jayne Stocks Clinical Lead Assistive Technology Katie Biggs Lead Trial Manager CTRU 30 March 2017 'Making Change Happen' National Showcase; Early pulmonary rehabilitation following AECOPD COPYRIGHTClick image to enlargeThis poster was presented as a Community Care workshop at the UK 'Making Change Happen' 2017 conference in Stoke-on-Trent.#Early Pulmonary Rehabilitation #Acute Exacerbation #COPD #AECOPD #Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
    Posted 25 Apr 2017, 03:32 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Community resources optimised as Flo helps clinicians to deliver care "right first time" through Single Point of Access Jayne Stocks Clinical Lead Assistive Technology Janice Renner Nurse Adviser 30 March 2017 'Making Change Happen' National Showcase; Single Point of Access  COPYRIGHTThis poster was presented as a Community Care workshop at the national 'Making Change Happen' 2017 conference in Stoke-on-Trent.#SPA #Single Point of Access #Sheffield Teaching Hospitals #24 hour service
    Posted 25 Apr 2017, 03:36 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Flo supports Carers in Sunderland  14 March 2017 'Making Change Happen' National Showcase; Carers Connect Service COPYRIGHTThis poster was presented as a Community Care workshop at the national 'Making Change Happen' 2017 conference in Stoke-on-Trent.#Carers Connect Service #NHS Sunderland #Carers
    Posted 25 Apr 2017, 03:36 by Hollie O'Connell
  • NHS Lanarkshire increases smoking quit rate with Flo Cheryl Baker Specialist Nurse 23 February 2017 'Making Change Happen' National Showcase; Stop Smoking Service COPYRIGHT #FoundFraser This poster was presented as a Primary Care workshop at the UK 'Making Change Happen' 2017 conference in Stoke-on-Trent.#Lanarkshire #Stop Smoking #Quit Smoking #Smoking #Scotland #FoundFraser
    Posted 1 May 2017, 06:46 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Urinary Continence; Dramatically better outcomes with Flo NHS Western Isles  Iain Trayner TEC Project Manager 14 November 2016 Urinary Continence: Using Florence to improve the lives of local people The NHS Western Isles Continence service provides advice and support to people living with the condition in these islands. Continence can be a very difficult condition to live with and many people can feel trapped, with everyday life becoming a strain for them and their families. One of the tools used by the service is a pelvic floor improvement programme.  This requires the person to perform pelvic floor exercises up to 8 times a day.  Although very beneficial it can be difficult for patients, remembering to do the exercises in itself is a challenge and tracking progress is ...
    Posted 30 Mar 2017, 02:57 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Weight management; Patients show demonstrable behavioural changes with Flo Laura Bell  Dietetic Assistant Practitioner 15 November 2016 Laura has led on the pilot of Florence in the weight loss maintenance stage of the Lothian programme and uses Flo to improve patient commitment and adherence to weight management programmes.“ I was about to get something from the fridge and a text message came through. It made me stop and think do I actually need this....   NO! So I walked away ”Offering patients a choice, through a combination of motivational messaging and/or weekly weight checks, the team offers Flo to their patients to provide a complete ‘person’ package in-between face-to-face consultations. To establish sustained behaviour change, patients opting for motivational support and encouragement to help them engage ...
    Posted 30 Jan 2017, 07:15 by Hollie O'Connell
  • COPD patient avoids A&E and acute admissions through self-management with Flo Blythe Bridge Surgery  Tean and Blythe Bridge Primary Care  Ann Hughes  Practice Nurse 25 October 2016 Flo Helps COPD Patient with a High Frequency of Acute Admissions  to Self-Manage and Stay Well Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) describes a number of conditions including emphysema and chronic bronchitis.  It is a condition where the airways become inflamed and the air sacs in your lungs are damaged causing the airways to become narrower making it harder to breathe in and out. COPD patients are usually on a variety of medications to manage their condition including ‘rescue medication’ for use at home during an exacerbation.  Patients typically have a COPD self-management plan, agreed with their clinician, advising them what action and ...
    Posted 26 Oct 2016, 02:09 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Heart Failure; Bossy Flossie helps patient Agnes to better health (SCO WI Heart Failure Daily Weight Monitoring) NHS Western Isles Iain Trayner 17 October 2016 Bossy Flossie!Earlier this year, after a period of deteriorating health, much to her surprise Agnes was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and advanced heart failure.  After a period of treatment on the mainland she returned home and is now under the supervision of the Heart Failure team in Stornoway. This is her story……….. I have a new friend called Florence. As behoves us in these days of social media we contact each other by text only – the modern equivalent of a pen friend I suppose.Debra Vickers, the lead local heart failure nurse, who correctly thought we’d get on famously, introduced Flossie or Flo as she prefers to be called. Although I ...
    Posted 24 Feb 2017, 05:50 by Hollie O'Connell
  • 72% of Orthopaedic patients discharged without attending clinic (E028) Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  Carol Turner17 October 2016 Supporting Remote Follow up Post Hip and Knee Surgery to Improve Patient Flow (E028)Flo has been introduced to Sherwood Forest Hospital Foundation Trust to support patient flow across the hospital and offer a safe and convenient alternative to attending the outpatient clinic for follow up 12 months post hip or knee replacement. Results show less, but more appropriate, appointments in follow up clinic with clinicians feeling that patients have at least the same confidence as if followed up face-to-face in clinic. Positive patient feedback was provided and 72.2% of patients were able to be discharged by the nurse remotely without having to attend clinic ...
    Posted 11 Nov 2016, 01:12 by Hollie O'Connell
  • RCNi Primary Health Care; Enabling supported self-management of wound care Pennine Care  NHS Foundation Trust  Lisa Taylor  Caroline Poole  Janice Maslen  20 September 2016  Enabling Supported Self-Management of Wound Care in the  Community Setting to Increase Quality and Efficiency of Service Delivery  Supporting citizens to be a more active partner in their care is part of a national, regional and local strategy for quality and sustainability of the NHS, acknowledging the impact that patients can have on their own health care if supported, educated and enabled to self-manage.  By focusing on improving patient adherence, clinical outcomes can improve at a faster rate . Pennine Care Adult Community Nursing Services identified opportunities to promote self-management in the wound care pathway, utilising persona based text-messaging technology (Flo) to provide ...
    Posted 20 Sep 2016, 10:48 by Philip O'Connell
  • Learning Disability; Flo's unique approach brings independence and peace of mind North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare  NHS Trust Lisa Taylor 13 September 2016 Convenient, personalised and familiar technology helps college student  have more independence and peace of mind Sally is a young adult with physical and learning difficulties who lives at home with foster parents and also has a catheter in-situ. Thanks to the intervention of “Flo’ Sally is now independently able to care for her catheter and has the confidence to get the most out of her life outside of college and her home setting.  Sally’s Foster Mum has also been able to go to work part time, reassured that Sally is able to take responsibility for her catheter requirements and no longer needs her intervention.  For Sally, Flo ...
    Posted 20 Sep 2016, 09:27 by Philip O'Connell
  • 795 Clinical hours released by monitoring entral feeding and blood pressure with Flo Shropshire Community Healthcare NHS Trust  Kate Perkins  Shropshire Children's Community Nursing Team 19 August 2016 Children's Entral Feeding and Blood Pressure  monitoring - Children's Community Nursing Team "Flo has enabled some of our patients to become more autonomous in their own care, with some teenagers even taking the lead in managing their conditions and interventions"Kate Perkins from Shropshire Community Healthcare Trust ‘s Community Children’s Nurse Team has been discussing how the team have utilised Flo in supporting the management of their caseload maximising the integration of her unique techniques and methods to support children under their care.Across paediatric cohorts there are certain patients and conditions that require face-to-face contact. Flo has enabled ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 02:36 by Philip O'Connell
  • Diabetes - Significant 4 month improvement in HbA1c   Derbyshire Community Health Services  NHS Foundation Trust Michelle Denyer Diabetes Specialist Nurse 2 September 2016 Flo Helps Me Take Control of My Diabetes After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of ten Naomi has struggled to keep her condition under control throughout her teenage years.  It can be very challenging to manage a condition at this age as work and socialising take priority.“I had real trouble managing my diabetes, I’m a little bit embarrassed to say, I also had Diabetic Bulimia. I was worried about taking my insulin because I thought that it would make me put on weight.” Naomi is now at the age of 20 with a busy social life and full-time ...
    Posted 2 Sep 2016, 04:59 by Philip O'Connell
  • 72% of patients who exceeded surgery pre-assessment BP limits found to be normotensive Carol Turner Florence Simple Telehealth Project Manager NHS England TECS- Clinical Advocate 2014 NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group 18 August 2016 Streamlining Pre-assessment with the Implementation of FloHigh blood pressure is a relatively common reason for a surgical intervention having to be postponed. Patients who may be affected by ‘white coat hypertension’ during their Pre-operative assessment use Flo to remotely monitor their own blood pressure for seven days which enables the nurses to decide on the right plan of care for them and prevent unnecessary postponement/cancellation of surgery and inappropriate GP referrals. The King’s Mill Hospital (SFHFT) Pre-operative Assessment Unit was the first PAU in the country to implement FLO successfully for ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 02:53 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Hypertension monitoring improves efficiency and supports clinical decision making in General Practice Morag Hearty Programme Manager Lesley Aitken Programme Assistant Helen Alexander Report Compilation 15 August 2016 Rapid Improvement Study: Hypertension Monitoring in General Practice Many people are asked to attend their GP or Practice Nurse for the sole reason to have their blood pressure monitored and do not benefit in any other way from the visit. NHS Lanarkshire conducted a study  with the aim to asses the benefits and challenges of remotely monitoring patients' blood pressure by using  home health monitoring (HHM), with the use of a simple text messaging technology (Flo). The study involved 115 patients over a 90 day period within 14 GP practices throughout North and South Lanarkshire. To be able to measure the effectiveness of the ...
    Posted 30 Jan 2017, 07:28 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Mental Health; Memory Support for Mild Cognitive Impairment or Mild to Moderate Dementia North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare  NHS Trust Sue Molesworth Lisa Sharrock 22 July 2016 Autographer + Flo: A Memory Support Intervention Improving the Quality of Lives for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Mild to Moderate Dementia Case StudyNorth Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust provides mental health, addictions, children’s services and learning disability services predominantly to people living within Stoke-on-Trent. Lisa Sharrock (Mental health and vascular wellbeing team manager) and Sue Molesworth ( research associate) from the Trust has led the way in pioneering a quality of life improvement for patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia by supporting the management of memory problems associated with these conditions. Maximising Flo’s unique persona based messaging, patients ...
    Posted 16 Jun 2017, 01:25 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Mental Health; Beating the Blues in Lanarkshire Morag Hearty Lanarkshire Smart Care & United 4 Health 24 June 2016  From hearts to minds - Florence Nightingale texts now helping patients beat the blues A GROUNDBREAKING messaging system – inspired by 19th century nursing heroine Florence Nightingale – is being used to help support people with depression or anxiety in Lanarkshire.  The Florence Simple Telehealth messaging system, or ‘Flo’ for short, was named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, for its human touch.Part of Telehealth (the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technology), Flo has already been used to support patients living with a variety of conditions, including heart failure.   In those instances, heart failure patients are equipped and taught how to self monitor details such ...
    Posted 30 Jun 2016, 03:18 by Philip O'Connell
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus - Safe full-term pregnancies with Flo Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Victoria Bowman  - Midwife Anita Brockbank    - Diabetes Specialist Midwife 21 June 2016 Royal Victoria Infirmary - Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Midwife Victoria in this short video explains how Flo engages women to feel more in control, resulting in reduced anxiety, better use of clinical time and have less need of prescriptions.  Victoria goes on to talk about how there are fewer babies being born in extreme percentile ranges as pregnancies are lasting longer due to better control of diabetes during pregnancy."We use Florence to enable surveillance of maternal blood glucose levels at home for those with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy (GDM). Once consented, women are reminded twice daily to send in their blood ...
    Posted 22 Jun 2016, 09:59 by Philip O'Connell
  • Insulin stopped after three weeks with Flo Derbyshire Community Health Services  NHS Foundation Trust Michelle Denyer Diabetes Specialist Nurse 1 June 2016 Three weeks with Flo and I could stop taking insulin Brenda Greaves is a retired Nurse with a good number of years’ experience working in the National Health Service (NHS). So it will be no surprise to find that rather than take a leisurely approach to her retirement, Brenda instead takes an active role within the communities of Bonsall and Matlock, Derbyshire as a Public Governor for Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) and following a 3 year membership of her surgery’s patient participation group (PPG) she was recently elected as chairperson. These are activities that she enjoys a great deal and keeps her involved ...
    Posted 2 Jun 2016, 04:07 by Philip O'Connell
  • Florence helps domestic violence and abuse disclosure Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Dr Pete Davies Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology15 April 2016 Florence feels more like a friend than a computer system The diabetes and endocrinology team in Sandwell began using Florence in 2013.  Dr Pete Davies recalls one of the first patients to sign-up; “She was a bubbly, intelligent middle-aged woman and high blood pressure was not the main reason for seeing her in my endocrine clinic. Nevertheless, she signed up with enthusiasm and it was really magical to follow improvements in her blood pressure control following the introduction of an extra blood pressure lowering drug.” However, things did not continue to go smoothly, the patient's blood pressure graph showed ...
    Posted 18 Apr 2016, 03:35 by Philip O'Connell
  • Earlier intervention possible for postural hypotension in Parkinson's Disease City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust Rachael Forbister NHS Sunderland CCG 28 March 2016 Sitting and standing blood pressure in patients with Parkinson's Disease Led by the Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialist Team (PDNS), Florence is reinforcing the shared management plan for patients with Parkinson's Disease at City Hospitals Sunderland demonstrating a positive impact on patient’s clinical management to reduce the risk of hospitalisation due to postural hypertension.  Postural hypotension, in a patient group who often have issues with imbalance, and whose symptoms are often exacerbated by concurrent medication and co-morbidity, are at high risk of falls and hospitalisation.  Florence was therefore selected to support patients in their shared management by taking their blood pressure at ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 02:58 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Enhanced diabetes management transforms care and reduces need for medication (E022) Derbyshire Community Health Services  NHS Foundation Trust   DSN, Michelle Denyer DSN, Beth Cooper DSN,  Joanne Hulme DSN, Clare Reynolds 10 February 2016 Florence, or Flo for short, is a simple but effective messaging system that is enhancing the care of patients with diabetes living in North Derbyshire who are referred to the Derbyshire Community Health Service (DCHS) Community Diabetes Team,The Community Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNs), Michelle Denyer, Beth Cooper, Joanne Hulme and Clare Reynolds, are at the forefront of this development, embracing technology to extend the reach of the service and more importantly strengthen the relationships that exist between patient and clinician in the pursuit of improved patient outcomes and the promotion of patient self-care. The DSN’s ...
    Posted 10 Feb 2016, 02:39 by Philip O'Connell
  • HbA1c down 29 mmol in 6 week programme Iain Trayner NHS Western Isles Updated January 2016 Erin meets ‘Flo’  Erin is 16 years old, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 12 years old. Just like any other teenager Erin has a busy life between school, socialising and like most people Erin’s age, her phone is glued to her fingers. Unfortunately Erin’s blood glucose control has been erratic over the last few years with several admissions as a result of her diabetes since her diagnosis. Although Erin would see the Diebetologist several times a year, she would forget to attend her follow up clinic appointments with the nurse and with the pressures of teenage life she didn’t see her diabetes as a ...
    Posted 11 Mar 2016, 09:29 by Philip O'Connell
  • Novel Methods of Managing Alcoholic Liver Disease (E020) Supported by the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network, Mark Holmes, Team Leader for Alcohol Related Long Term Condition Nurses, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Sian Clark, Assistive Technology Innovation and Operational Manager, Mansfield and Ashfield CCG describe how Flo supports the identification of onset ascites. The paper describes the implementation within the service with the results supporting not only the patient but the service’s ability to monitor and intervene when required. Flo's integration into this pathway has shown true potential in engaging with this group, helping them to self-manage. The main outcomes cited in the paper were that Flo supported: An improvement in compliance with the patient's care plan Increased monitoring information for the patient ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:00 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Prevention and early detection of diabetes and complications Dr Parijat De "Best initiative for prevention and early detection of diabetes and complications” Quality in Care (QiC) National award joint winner October 2015 talks about Florence's support.Does intensive management of patients with diabetic kidney disease using a protocol-based, nurse-led clinic improve renal and cardiovascular outcomes?Dr Parijat De commented, “Diabetic Nephropathy is a major cause of premature death in patients with all types of diabetes in Sandwell and the West Birmingham area. This award is a testament to the hard work in a difficult disease area utilising innovative telemedicine support (FLORENCE technology) and we are very pleased with the success and the judges comment.Led by and Susan Irwin, Diabetes Nurse Specialist under supervision of ...
    Posted 13 Nov 2015, 08:16 by Philip O'Connell
  • Musician’s life kept in harmony thanks to innovative text system Lanarkshire’s answer to Johnny Cash has revealed how the power of text has kept his life in harmony during ill health.John Stalker (54), from Hamilton, was a long distance driver who – inspired by the Man in Black – sang and played guitar around local music halls and clubs in his spare time.However, life as he knew it was changed forever when, after bouts of increasing breathlessness and a persistent cough, John was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in 2011.COPD is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic asthma. John had to retire from his job, but ongoing medical support, including an innovative new text message system – which links ...
    Posted 31 Mar 2016, 08:24 by Karen Moore
  • NHS Lanarkshire support globetrotting Heart Failure patient Jet-setting businessman retains wanderlust thanks to innovative text support.Graham, diagnosed with heart failure a year ago, has been able to continue his world travels - thanks to Florence linking him to specialist support in Lanarkshire. Graham Murray from Lanark heads up an international IT trouble-shooting operation, serving major clients in Europe, America and Asia.Yet the globe-trotting grandfather’s schedule belies a health setback that would have otherwise have left him grounded – save for the innovative Florence system.“Life, between family and work, is extremely busy - and I love every aspect of it,” explained Graham, 57, who is due to get married to his Vietnamese fiancé, Mai, later this year. “Last year, however, whilst working in England ...
    Posted 8 Dec 2015, 01:57 by Philip O'Connell
  • Wound Care self-management support Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust  Community nurses from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust have developed an innovative method to provide self-management support for people who require wound care.Flo enables a series of text messages to be sent to service users - providing information and prompts around effectively and safely taking care of their wound.  The nurses provide a detailed induction so the service user is clear about how the system will be used, what they need to do and how to raise any concerns.  The nurse also provides them with the required information and resources to support effective decision-making.Flo is used with service users who meet very tight criteria – to ensure it is appropriate and safe for ...
    Posted 1 Jun 2016, 03:33 by Philip O'Connell
  • Using Simple Telehealth with Children and Young People with Type 1 Diabetes (E027a) (E027b) Type 1 Kidz was developed to support children and young people with type 1 diabetes, facilitated by Investing in Children, a Community Interest Company to help children and young people engage with their hospital care, Simple Telehealth is part of this project.Kerry Camara, Great North Children's Hospital Educator, developed the pathways in conjunction with the children and young people using the service and initially developed a 6 week motivational model / pathway. Feedback has been positive based on evaluation undertaken and new areas are being developed.For more information please contact kerry.camara@nuth.nhs.ukVIEW+DOWNLOAD (Membership Required) T1KZ presentation 6.11.14Updated 11.08.16 Type1Kidz Presentation_ North East regional Network Event_ March 2016.pdf ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:02 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Insulin Prompts and Blood Glucose Monitoring (E018) Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust   After introducing Flo to support their diabetic caseload, the diabetes team in Great Wyrley have renewed a patient’s confidence in managing her condition whilst giving the patient freedom to get on with her life. Since September 2014, the patient had been receiving twice-daily visits and phone calls from the district nurse and diabetes team until the district nurse team recognised that Flo could be a potential source of support for the patient in administering her insulin as prescribed. The patient’s response to Flo has been overwhelmingly positive and to date no further visits or telephone consultations with the teams have been required regarding the patient’s diabetes care ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:28 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Gestational Diabetes (CA09) City Hospitals Sunderland  NHS Foundation Trust  Rahul Nayar, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology and 2014 Simple Telehealth Clinical Advocate winner describes the use of Flo to support the management of gestational diabetes. The use of Flo at City Hospitals Sunderland has been highlighted as "outstanding practice" in their recent CQC report. Clinical benefits for this patient included; achieving target blood glucose profiles, achieving a 4kg weight loss over a 5 month period, effective titration of therapy remotely via SMS and significant reduction in cigarette consumption (20/day to 3/day), due to reduced anxiety levels evoked by the knowledge of good foetal wellbeing and safety. Evaluation also confirmed an improved healthcare usage over a 20 week period reducing the routine ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:10 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Diabetic Assessment and Glucose Monitoring in a Community Health Service NHS Trust (CA04) Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust Case study describing the implementation of Flo for diabetic assessment and blood glucose management in Lincolnshire Community Health Services. The community diabetes team demonstrated achievement of blood glucose control, promotion of patient engagement and self-management and reduced avoidable contacts.Video: Management of diabetes and pressure soresFor more information please contact lisa.taylor@simple.uk.netVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)CA04 Case Study Diabetes assessment and blood glucose management Lincolnshire Community Health Services CA 2014CA04- Full Case Study Lincolnshire Diabetes Assessment and Monitoring#diabetes
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:11 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Nottinghamshire Primary Care Improved Compliance for Diabetic Patient (E005) NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning GroupImplementation of Flo for a patient with uncontrolled diabetes resulting in repeated acute admissions has proved life changing. Flo was used to support compliance with testing and guidance as agreed in the management plan. Josh is a patient champion for Flo and regularly supports engagement nationally.Video: Diabetic patient Josh's video explaining how he has transformed his lifeVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E005- STH Case Study Diabetes Primary Care Nottingham#diabetes #admissions
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:13 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Pennine Care NHS FT Community Diabetes Team (E002) The Community Diabetes Team in Pennine Care Foundation Trust used Flo to support new Type 2 diabetic patients new to insulin. In combination with advice based on their blood glucose readings, patients also received short educational messages with advice about their adjustment to insulin. The protocol was used in conjunction with scheduled telephone contact to support improved outcomes and team productivity.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E002 Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team New Type 2 New Insulin Support protocol EXAMPLE Pathway August 2014#diabetes
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:24 by Hollie O'Connell
  • South East Staffordshire (SES) Community Diabetes Team (E001) The SES community Diabetes Team used Flo successfully to support achievement of patient's blood glucose control and improved team productivity.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E001 Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team Blood Glucose Protocol EXAMPLE Narrative August 2014 E001 Diabetes Specialist Nurse Blood Glucose EXAMPLE Protocol Pathway August 2014 E001 STH Report Diabetes May 2012E001 STH Report Diabetes September 2011#diabetes
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:25 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Enabling Patients with COPD to Self Manage and Enable Early Intervention in Lanarkshire (United4Health Pan-European Initiative) NHS Lanarkshire have integrated Flo as part of the European-wide initiative United4Health, geared to using new technology to improve healthcare. NHS Lanarkshire along with North and South Lanarkshire Council are partners and the initiative and Flo has been demonstrated as a key tool in supporting patients with COPD to be enabled to self manage at home increasing confidence and the feeling of patient's control over their condition. A recent press release focusses on John, a patient with COPD who since using Flo has reduced his hospital admissions from 11 in the previous year to just 1.According to the patient's agreed self management plan, Flo prompts and receives readings for pulse and oxygen levels, providing guidance according ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:31 by Hollie O'Connell
  • (E016) Community Matron COPD, Newark and Sherwood COPD Team, Nottinghamshire The COPD Team in Newark and Sherwood (Nottinghamshire) were one of the first teams to go live in the area with Flo in January 2013. The team developed their use of Flo to monitor patient's oxygen saturation levels with an additional question relating to sputum, cough and breathlessness as required. When the initial service evaluation was completed for 2013/14, the age range = (59 – 80) with average age 70 years old.The evaluation demonstrated a 40% reduction in expected acute admissions based on previous trends due to the opportunity to intervene earlier upon signs of deterioration. The service evaluation available to download demonstrates other wide ranging benefits and positive patient feedbackVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E016- Newark and Sherwood ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:45 by Hollie O'Connell
  • (E008, E009, E010) Supporting COPD Research Sarah Hicks, Clinical Lead for Telehealth with Hywel Dda UHB maximised participation in the EuroQoL (EQ-5D) standardised questionnaire used as a measure of health outcomes by utilising Flo. Three options are available depending on the needs of the patient.For more information please contact sarah.hicks@wales.nhs.ukVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Further information EuroQoL (1)LINKEQ-5D website link#respiratory
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:46 by Hollie O'Connell
  • (E007) COPD Symptom Questions Sarah Hicks, Clinical Lead for Telehealth with Hywel Dda implemented Flo to support COPD patient post discharge.This protocol incorporates pulse oximetry, pulse and temperature prompts along with 6 daily symptom questions relating to how the patient feels, breathing, sputum amount, sputum colour, reliever use, current antibiotic/steroid use. This has an end date to correspond with our research completion.For more information please contact sarah.hicks@wales.nhs.uk#respiratory
    Posted 29 Jul 2015, 09:18 by Philip O'Connell
  • Asthma Poor Control NHS Stoke-on-Trent Furlong Medical Practice in Stoke-on-Trent use Flo to support adherence to the patient's agreed management plan with their GP. The use of Flo aims to improved education and self management reducing reliance on face to face contacts, improve asthma control and compliance to inhalers, adopt a healthier lifestyle and to identify depression.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Asthma management planAsthma Poor Control 2012 Ruth Chambers#respiratory #asthma #GP
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:47 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Community Respiratory Nurse COPD Case study describing the use of Flo by Community Respiratory Team in Stoke-on-Trent.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Community Respiratory Nurse Caseload Case Study#respiratory #COPD
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:49 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Community Matron COPD NHS Stoke-on-Trent Case study describing the impact of Flo for a patient with COPD in Stoke-on-Trent.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Community Matron COPD NHS Stoke-on-TrentPatient goes with Flo to keep her health in check after scare | Stoke Sentinel#respiratory #COPD
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:50 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Nottinghamshire Heart Failure Specialist Nurse (E003) The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses in Nottingham North East and Nottingham North West Team used Flo to support early identification of weight gain to facilitate early intervention. Patients were also asked to send their blood pressure reading into Flo to support identification of hypotension to allow timely titration of their medication.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E003- Flo Project Plan HF NNE NE Nov 2012 E003- NNE NW Heart Failure Service Evaluation 2013_14E003- STH Case Study Nottingham Heart Failure #heart failure
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 03:51 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Medication Prompts for Patients with Parkinson's Disease Nottinghamshire have captured the case studies below based on implementation Flo for patients with Parkinson's Disease.A - The over the rainbow Parkinsons group recently had a talk about Flo. Keith who is the chairman had difficulty speaking and was using a walking aid at the group talk. Keith called and was keen to see if Flo medication prompts would help him ensure he took his medication on time. After only 3 weeks of being in Flo Keith called and speaking clearly explained what a difference it had made to his health and also he was now sleeping at night.B - Ron has Parkinson’s and always gets his medication on time because his wife as his main carer supports ...
    Posted 22 Feb 2016, 01:56 by Philip O'Connell
  • Injection Prompts in Nottinghamshire Flo is being used in Nottingham to improve adherence to treatment regimes by reminding patients to administer their immunosuppressant injections whilst at home. This example described by a patient demonstrates the effectiveness of simple prompts.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required) Patient comments re injection reminders#medication
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:03 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Medication Prompts for Parent of Child, School Nurse Initiated - Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust (E014) Kerry Clover, Special Needs School Nurse in Staffordshire identified an opportunity to use Flo to support medication adherence in a complex family environment resulting in adherence to the child's prescribed medication and transition or the family into taking responsibility.For more information please contact kerry.clover@nhs.netVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)School Nursing Medication Compliance STH Case Study Oct 14#medication
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:04 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Mental Health Service Improving Attendance and Recovery Chris Pimlott, Service Manager within the Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Mental Health Service designed a innovative use of Flo for service users experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or depression. The aim was to improve commencement, completion and clinical outcomes from stress and anxiety groups aiming to reduce DNA rate for group attendance and to improve recovery rates for those attending groups.Flo engages with the service user prior to their 1st group meeting to encourage and promote attendance and also along the pathway with information messages pertinent to that week's class designed to reinforce the topic with the opportunity for the user to initiate more information if they wish.Evaluation showed that these aims were met with the ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:05 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Mental Health Medication Compliance Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust Use of Flo to support patients being resettled into the community after hospital or residential care, or transferred from hospital to residential care. Flo helps patients to comply with their medication regime to maintain well-being and recovery and achieve significant impacts on the delivery of their care.For more information please contact lisa.taylor@simple.uk.netVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Mental Health Microcase Medication Compliance STH Case Study#mental health
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:07 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Mental Health Recovery Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust (CA11) This case study describes how Flo supported a patient with a mental health diagnosis to achieve significant improvements in their physical and mental health and ultimately transition into independent living. The team designed the use of Flo around the patient's needs and the case study describes the significant benefits that were achieved for the patient, team and Trust.For more information please contact lisa.taylor@simple.uk.netVideo: Mental health recoveryVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)CA11 Summary Case Study Mental Health RecoveryCA11- Mental Health Recovery STH Case Study Donna Cantrell#mental health
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:08 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Shropshire Community Matron Team COPD, HF, Diabetes and Asthma 2011 Description of use by Community Matron Team in Shropshire to improve opportunities for early intervention and reduce crisis management. Illustrations of cost benefits are included for three specific examples of use.DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Shropshire Community Matron Caseload 2013 COPD- HF- Asthma- Diabetes#multiple
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:10 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Nottinghamshire Community Health Partnership Use of Flo for Patients with Co-Morbidities (CA06) Patricia Charnley, Community Matron and 2014 Simple Telehealth Clinical Advocacy winner describes how the implementation of Flo for a patient with COPD and HF had wide ranging clinical and non-clinical benefits for the patient, family and clinical teams associated with his care. For more information please contact Patricia.Charnley@nottshc.nhs.ukVideo: Community and nursing homesVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)CA06 Case Study Community Matron COPD and Heart FailureCommunity Health PartnershipCA06- Service Evaluation Community Matron COPD and Co-morbidities Notts Community Health Partnership#multiple #Heart Failure #COPD 
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:11 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Health Trainers: Initiation of Pre-Hypertension Diagnosis Initial Raised Blood Pressure Monitoring Liverpool CCG (E017) Liverpool CCG have effectively utilised the role of the Health Trainer to enable effective hypertension diagnosis or exclusion in primary care.Health Trainers play a frontline role in helping people to develop healthier lifestyles and offer practical advice and support to change behaviours in support of agreed goals. The role was identified in Liverpool as an opportunity to initiate the use of Flo when an initial raised blood pressure was identified. Rather than referral to the GP based upon readings taken on the day, patients now report blood pressure readings to Flo twice daily for 7 days supported by a self-management plan providing the GP with more information upon which to make their diagnosis or exclusion.Patient satisfaction has ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:12 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Acute Trust Management of Mild Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (CA10) City Hospitals SunderlandNHS Foundation TrustMr Kim Hinshaw FRCOG Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Director of Research & Innovation and 2014 Simple Telehealth Clinical Advocate winner describes the implementation of Flo to support the management of mild pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) for an asymptomatic patient where the possibility of exacerbation of condition to be missed was hightened. The case study describes how Flo was used to monitor the patient's blood pressure whilst at home, with request to contact the hospital immediately if the patient's systolic BP reached >150. Flo also alerted the obstetric bleep to facilitate prompt hospital admission and timely induction of labour and safe delivery for mother and baby.Video: Pregnancy induced hypertensionVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)CA10 ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:13 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Management of Pre-Op Hypertension (CA08) Carol Turner, Senior ODP in the Pre-Op Department at Sherwood Forest Hospital and Simple Telehealth Clinical Advocacy winner 2014 describes using Flo to support the identification of pre-operative ‘White Coat’ hypertension. This innovative use of Flo resulted in many clinical and non-clinical benefits including an improvement in the identification of pre-op risk factors, a reduction in short-notice cancellations at the Trust and an improved pathway back into primary care.For more information please contact Carol.Turner@mansfieldandashfieldccg.nhs.ukVideo Kelly Crutchley describes how Flo is used to manage pre-op hypertension at Sherwood Forest HospitalVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)CA08- Best Magazine Article Pre-Operative White Coat Hypertension Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust ...
    Posted 20 Mar 2017, 04:40 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Diagnosis of Hypertension in Primary Care (AIM 01) Portcullis Surgery, describe how using Flo to support the diagnosis of hypertension in a rural setting has resulted in tangible benefits for the practice and patients. The case study also describes how the Practice's HCA has been an integral element of Flo's success.Dr Ruth Chambers' Overview AIM 01 VideoPaul Meredith Raised Blood Pressure Noted Opportunistically VideoAlternative Case Study - Ray Zeed Initial High BP ReadingAlternative Comparison of Pathways Pre and Post AIM 01 Implementation Aylesbury and Chiltern CCGsDownloads: (AIM01) Diagnosis of Hypertension in Primary Care Portcullis Surgery. (AIM 01) Example Shared Management Plan, (AIM 01) Initial High BP Reading Protocol#hypertension
    Posted 30 Jul 2015, 05:32 by Philip O'Connell
  • Overweight and Obesity (AIM 14) Developed by Professor Ruth Chambers, this application is suitable for patients who are substantially overweight (BMI 28-29.9) or obese (BMI≥30), aged ≥ 16 years old who are at contemplation phase of motivation to lose weight.The protocol aims to support weight reduction of 5% over an agreed timeframe and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle and incorporates questions on weight, activity and motivation.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Memebership Required)AIM 14- Overweight and Obesity Protocol#weight management
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:16 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Pre-Bariatric Surgery Support to Weight Loss (E011) Emily Cooper, Dietician at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire (NHS) Trust uses Flo to motivate patients into reaching the weight loss goals required for bariatric surgery. Flo prompts for weekly weights which are reviewed by Emily who also uses Flo to send ad hoc supportive messages to her patients via Flo to maximise their engagement and progress. Emily also uses the weight readings sent in by patients when she sees them in clinic to enable more accurate discussions around changes made that resulted in weight / loss gained.Emily also uses Flo to support patients with motivational messages to maximise their weight loss, once a week for 8 weeks (E012)For more information please contact emily.cooper@uhns.nhs.uk ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:17 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Supporting Patients Weight Management and Co-Morbidities The Why Weight? For Tomorrow team in Shropshire used Flo to support patients in their weight management whilst under the care of the weight management team. A menu of protocols were developed to map requirements of both the team and the patient that varied in terms of frequency for weight reading prompting.The presence of a nurse in the team also allowed support to patients with associated co-morbidites to be offered as clinically appropriate. Additional protocols that incorporated blood pressure and blood oxygen checks at varying intervals were developed resulting in the identification and opportunity for the subsequent management of hypertension as described in the case study.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Why Weight Case StudiesWhy Weight For Tomorrow ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:18 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Supporting Weight Management Post-Discharge from Weight Management Team (E004) The Why Weight Plus team in Shropshire utilised Flo to support patients once discharged from active weight management by developing weekly motivational messages with a weight check at 6 months. Flo aimed to support the continuation of patient's weight management and also establish feedback on actual weight loss/gain post-discharge facilitating further support from the team if required. For more information please contact lisa.taylor2@northstaffs.nhs.uk VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E004- Why Weight Plus Support Messages -n-12- and 12w_6m weight check #weight management
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:19 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Enhanced Recovery Post Colorectal Surgery: Nottingham University Hospitals Nottingham City Hospitals have explored the capability of Flo in enabling self-management of surgical patient post-operatively extending patient follow-up to 30 days (high risk period) and fill the void between hospital and community care with the specific aims below:1. Earlier identification of problems post discharge2. Ability to coordinate need to re-admit / avoidance of unnecessary readmission3. Reduction in phone calls for patients that are well4. Increased patient satisfaction5. Reassurance that hospital follow-up patients early after dischargePatient satisfaction was high and the telephone calls reduced to the Nurse Practitioner. Work is ongoing to further simplify the design of the protocol used however it was deemed that Flo could be very effective ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:21 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Using Flo to Support a Community Matron Caseload within a Nottinghamshire Care home A care home in Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire have been using Flo to indicate when Community Matron visits are required based on the patient's vital signs readings reported to Flo. The carers, patients and family are all involved in the use of Flo and the outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive from staff, patients and family demonstrating:Positive improvements in resident’s quality of life and health Effective identification of low blood pressure and resulting reduction in the risk of falls as medication titration can be done quicker and more effectively.More appropriate use of NHS resources As a result other local care homes are starting to use Flo based on this good practiceVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Flo in Care Homes ...
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:21 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Community Oncology Team Post-Chemotherapy Temperature Monitoring (Stoke-on-Trent) The Community Oncology Team in Stoke-on-Trent originally developed the use of Flo to support core body temperature monitoring (and also to supply information relating to potential side effects of medication) upon discharge. The application was extremely successful and resulting in patients complying with Flo's guidance and contacting the Emergency assessment Bay at the University Hospitals of North Midlands as appropriate. As a result, the UHNM took the opportunity to lead the use of Flo via their Oncology Department (see (E015) University Hospitals of North Midlands Post-Chemotherapy Temperature Monitoring)VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Community Oncology Team Post-Chemotherapy Temperature Monitoring (Stoke-on-Trent) MICROCASE#others
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:26 by Hollie O'Connell
  • (E015) University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust Post-Chemotherapy Temperature Monitoring The University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) implemented Flo to support their oncology post-chemotherapy in conjunction with their Emergency Assessment Bay pathway.Flo was integrated into the existing pathway as a support in reminding the patient to comply with post discharge advice from the oncology team within secondary care in taking their core body temperature thus facilitating the early identification of potential infection caused by a lowered immune system following chemotherapy. The application also informs the patient if their core body temperature is higher or lower than the normal range and subsequently to contact the Emergency Assessment Bay at UHNM for treatment and/or advice.VIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)E015- UHNM Oncology Case Studies - Temperature Monitoring#others
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:27 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Pro-Active Engagement by CCG Lead An example of how a pro-active organisational lead can support clinical engagement, practical adoption and secure a legacy of knowledge for the organisation.Further information please contact lisa.taylor2@northstaffs.nhs.ukVIEW+DOWNLOADS (Membership Required)Proactive engagement from a CCG Lead#implementation
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:29 by Hollie O'Connell
  • Approach to Robust Sustainable Adoption Vale Royal CCG and South Cheshire CCG's approach to introducing Flo to support practices and internal CCG leadership.Further information please contact lisa.taylor2@northstaffs.nhs.ukDOWNLOADS (Membership Required) AIM Implementation Vale Royal CCG and South Cheshire CCGKEYWORDS#implementation
    Posted 25 Aug 2016, 05:30 by Hollie O'Connell
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