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Diagnosis of Hypertension in Primary Care (AIM 01)

posted 21 Jul 2015, 03:50 by Karen O'Connell   [ updated 16 Oct 2017, 03:31 by Hollie Stirman ]

Portcullis Surgery, describe how using Flo to support the diagnosis of hypertension in a rural setting has resulted in tangible benefits for the practice and patients. The case study also describes how the Practice's HCA has been an integral element of Flo's success.

Dr Ruth Chambers' Overview AIM 01 Video

Paul Meredith Raised Blood Pressure Noted Opportunistically Video

Alternative Case Study - Ray Zeed Initial High BP Reading

Alternative Comparison of Pathways Pre and Post AIM 01 Implementation Aylesbury and Chiltern CCGs

Downloads: (AIM01) Diagnosis of Hypertension in Primary Care Portcullis Surgery. (AIM 01) Example Shared Management Plan, (AIM 01) Initial High BP Reading Protocol

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