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Medication Prompts for Patients with Parkinson's Disease

posted 21 Jul 2015, 04:20 by Karen O'Connell   [ updated 16 Oct 2017, 03:26 by Hollie Stirman ]

Nottinghamshire have captured the case studies below based on implementation Flo for patients with Parkinson's Disease.

A - The over the rainbow Parkinsons group recently had a talk about Flo. Keith who is the chairman had difficulty speaking and was using a walking aid at the group talk. Keith called and was keen to see if Flo medication prompts would help him ensure he took his medication on time. After only 3 weeks of being in Flo Keith called and speaking clearly explained what a difference it had made to his health and also he was now sleeping at night.

B - Ron has Parkinson’s and always gets his medication on time because his wife as his main carer supports him. However his wife also has earlier stages Parkinson’s and often forgets to take her own medication, which has resulted in her experiencing “freezing” episodes Flo has been set up to remind and prompt her to take her medication to ensure she can continue to care for Ron and herself. The patient has said the following:

“I do make sure now that I have my tablets upstairs and downstairs so when I hear a text message at the agreed time I take them. I don’t always get to open the message as I am busy with Ron”

For more information please contact sian.clark@mansfieldandashfieldccg.nhs.uk

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